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Advanced use of the API

This page describes the Accounts API in a more technical way and explains specific advanced use cases with the authentication, the widget management, or with the full API integration.

The resources involved in the use cases are very different depending on your choice to use the widget based integration or the full API integration.

The Accounts API

The Accounts API is used to link a third-party application to the banking application for Account Information Services (AIS).

Data acquisition is carried out in two ways:

  • Screen scraping of data, access to customer accounts via their identifiers.
  • Open banking based on open APIs (PSD2).

Linxo Connect covers the following use cases :

  • Signup a new user: Use Accounts API to create your users with the client credential flow.
  • Signin existing user: Authenticate your users with the resource owner password credentials flow and get access token in order to consume API resources. You may also directly manage your users' data with a client authentication.
  • Add bank connection and bank account: Secure your users' credentials.
  • Synchronize and get transactions: Get fresh datas from their finantial institutes.
  • Delete user: Delete users and remove all their personal datas.

The API consists of 3 main parts: